Kerala is the most literate, peaceful and one of the most naturally beautiful states in India. It is located on the southern tip of India on the west. The most prominent occupation is farming and as such the people are not wealthy, but most are educated. Under-employment is high due to the lack of manufacturing, technology and other industries located within the state. The poverty levels in pockets of the population forces the needy to skip education and jump straight into life as breadwinners for the families.


About Us

1. ROLAPENA - Machinery sponsored by GKF & produced by Pure Living
2. AMMOOMMATHIRI (Wicksdom in English)
3. HANDYCRAFTZ - Finance support for all activities in handycraftz
4. Medical & Education Funds for Under-privileged

The foundation hopes to provide funds to help the following :
* People who are sick and are unable to pay for medical care
* Students who are unable to pay fees for school resulting in drop outs
* Individuals who have no education or vocational skills to acquire some
* Individuals who need assistance in getting started in a small venture
* Organizations providing socially beneficial services to the needy
* Orphanages, Senior homes to overcome budget deficits
* Shelters for the developmentally disabled and physically handicapped
* Under funded Social programs being managed by credible NGO’s
* Encouraging environmentally and socially conscious ideas come to reality

grants or assistance

Good Karma Foundation provides assistance to schools within the San Francisco Bay Area, through the community involvement of business operations of its incorporator, Vasudev Narayanan. The foundation, incorporated in India, also under the same name, provides assistance in education, health care and advancement of the underprivileged in Kerala, India. Vasudev’s grandfather, M.K. Ramachandran Nair, is the inspiration for Good Karma Foundation. One of his most beloved deeds was starting a school where children from financially struggling families could study for free. His selflessness and generosity are legend in the family lore, inspiring his children and grandchildren to do their best to continue his legacy. Good Karma Foundation was incorporated in 2008 as a 501 (c) 3, by California based small business entrepreneur, Vasudev Narayanan, his mother Sreedevi, sister Lakshmi and wife Leslie.